What Is Really Eating You?

Whatever issues you may have in your life can have an effect on how you deal with food. If you binge or if you starve yourself, there is a chance that it may be caused something emotional. When we treat food as something more than its original purpose, which is to nourish us, it may be time to start asking the question – “What is really eating me?” instead of eating everything in site or refusing to eat anything at all.

When you start on the raw food lifestyle, you will discover that food should be seen as something that nourishes us and not as a solution for anything other than true hunger. If you eat food to mask or numb some problem that you have or if you are overeating because you are bored or because it has become a habit, you are doing yourself a disservice.

You see, when you allow food to be your drug, you are forgetting the true purpose of it. Food is nourishment. If we can’t nourish ourselves and love ourselves, then there may be other issues. 검증사이트

We all over eat or under eat from time to time, but when that time to time is often, then other issues may be present. A well-balanced and adequately portioned meal is enough. There is no need to binge or increase your intake or push food around and eat very little if at all.

To get a better idea of why you eat the way that you do, you should first think about some of the issues that may be plaguing you.

Take the time to examine your life and figure out what is causing your issues with food. Are you eating because you want to numb something? Are you eating out of comfort? Food is often associated with comfort and memories of home and of happier or to not feel something or to keep us safe.

Is food helping you hide from yourself? Does it keep you from addressing the issues that may be plaguing you? Does it make you forget you have problems? If that is the case, the you should keep in mind that after the food is gone, your problems will still be there. You are better off addressing your problems head-on than you are hiding them with food. It is incredible how freeing it can be.

Habit may also play a part in how we eat. For example, you have known nothing other than largely portioned foods since you were young and that could be why you eat the way you do. It can be very hard to break a habit, awareness and non judgment are where we start.


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