Things to Look for When Building a Wooden Deck in Pittsburgh PA

If you want to build a deck in the Pittsburgh area, here are some things you should consider…

Pittsburgh has lots of hills. As such, it’s very likely that your backyard is not level. To combat this issue, raised wooden decks can be built, leading to a perfectly level floor.

There’s a good chance that your backyard has an amazing view. Because of Pittsburgh’s varied terrain, a raised deck can give you a view, which you never thought was possible. Although a deck will only keep a portion of its value, when you decide to sell your home, a deck with a view will be worth more to potential home buyers.

Pittsburgh has all 4 seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring. This means that your deck will need as much protection as possible from the elements. Once you hire a contractor to build your wooden deck, make sure to apply a wooden finish or stain so that the wood does not lose its “new” look. Decks that are without such finishes crack easily and turn to a dark gray color. pittsburgh seo company

If you search for “deck contractor Pittsburgh” on your favorite search engine, you’ll notice that there are many (around 100 contractors) that offer deck construction services. When you want a new deck, select a few contractors and call them up to get an estimate. Your final selection should take into account any references that they bring in, your gut feel for the type of company they are, and, of course, the final price.

Your contractor will have to go through the Pittsburgh Bureau of Building Inspection so that they can approve the structure. As such, make sure that any contractor you choose, follows safety regulations. Aside from that, you’re going to want to make sure that your deck is insured for a period of time.

Another option to hiring a contractor in Pittsburgh, is to make the deck yourself. Pittsburgh’s two primary home improvement centers are Lowe’s at the Waterfront and Home Depot in East Liberty. There are building plans online to make your deck. If the deck is raised, you’re going to have to dig holes that are a certain depth, so that the deck will pass inspection.


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