Is an Elegant Shower Curtain Worth the Money? Designing on a Budget

When designing a room, we have to make choices. And when we design on a budget, we sometimes have to make choices solely based on money. Recently I found myself trying to decide what to cut from my latest design project and while friends suggest I cut the elegant shower curtain I wanted, I choose to get rid of a mirror instead. I take my shower curtains seriously and you should too.

An elegant shower curtain is not a design accent that a lot of people think of having. It’s a bit of expense, though not as much as some accent pieces, and most people just don’t put that much thought into their bathroom accents. However, it’s the accents that can make or break a room and so, when forced to choose, I will often choose accents over bigger pieces. 2 or 3 Column Traditional Radiators

Accent pieces are what add a sense of you to a room. Sure,   we all need furniture pieces, and they add prominence to a room’s theme and style. But furniture pieces aren’t nearly as important as making sure you don’t mix up styles–say by putting an elegant shower curtain in a poorly done bathroom or a comic book poster in a room based around mid-Century art. These are the mistakes that can kill an otherwise well-designed room.

An elegant shower curtain may seem more like a vanity piece than an accent piece, but it takes up almost as much visual space as your bathtub and people put time and money into that. Your bathroom is often a visually blank canvas and people often can’t afford to, or don’t care to, put accent pieces in it. This is fine, but few consider that the shower curtain makes a great accent piece, and since you have to buy one, you might as well splurge and get one that will bring the whole room together.

I might be a little too attached to my elegant shower curtain, though. The fact is, I also pick them because they are just more quality. They are sturdier than the cheaper options, they have better patterns and richer colors, and they just feel better to use. It’s a vanity piece, sure, but it’s a vanity piece that I choose for myself. Others may not pick an  –they might want a beautiful mirror instead. But when cutting our budgets we have to make sure we are picking what makes us happiest, first and foremost.

Is an elegant shower curtain worth it? Only you can decide that for sure. But I will say I have never regretted mine. I bring value to my room, and I need that. You may decide you don’t, but make sure that you take the time to decide. When choosing what to cut from our budgets, we have to make sure we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Make sure that you consider all possibilities and only cut what you’re comfortable cutting–not just what your budget dictates.


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