Mistakes Tenants Make That Could Be Costly

At some point and time we have all done something to cause damage that we could have avoided had we thought it through ahead of time. Let’s look at some mishaps that could possibly be avoided.

Stickers – It’s very cute to let a little one put up stickers of their favorite character. Or, perhaps the resident is a sports fan and likes to decorate with bumper stickers for his favorite teams. Whether it’s Disney or NASCAR, walls, doors and closet doors are not the best place for adhesive backed decor. Stickers can be quite a chore to remove, not to mention the sticker will often take off the paint or stain from a door causing additional patching and painting.

Bleach spots – Many cleaning products, not just bleach, contain chemicals that can decolorize a carpet or counter top. Drips can run down the container after use. The best way to avoid this is to wrap an old towel around the bottle when walking through the house or setting it on a counter. I remember having little white spots all over my shirt after cleaning a tub. I didn’t realize the mist from the spray was also getting on my clothes. A word to the wise, wear white when cleaning the bathroom. jeniusbet

Iron burns – This happens more often than you think. The resident leaves the iron face down after ironing their clothes on the floor. It’s understandable that someone might want to press an item of clothing real quick and not want to take the time to drag out the ironing board. Unfortunately, even if the iron is immediately unplugged, it’s still hot enough to burn an impression into the carpet. It’s always best to leave an unplugged iron standing up on a flat surface like a counter top.

Potted plants – Pots and planters have damaged many a carpet, hardwood floor, vinyl floor and deck. When a pot is not moved for several months (or years), there’s no telling what the floor will look like underneath. It can cause damage such as discoloration, rust spots and mold. If you spill or over water, dry it up right away to avoid moisture getting trapped underneath. Outside planter boxes can also be a problem. Over time a planter box on a deck can cause the wood to deteriorate.

Cabinet doors – Yes, we know some people (usually little ones) just can’t resist hanging, leaning or swinging on a cabinet door. There’s another way to damage the cabinet doors that you might not think about. I use to manage a property where the resident sometimes left the cabinet doors open directly over the light bulbs that were recessed in the ceiling. When the tenant left a door open the hot recessed lighting would burn the edge of the cabinet door. The resident managed to damage three cabinet doors simply because she kept leaving them open.

Blinds – This is the most common damage we see. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to properly open and close blinds. Mini-blind slats should be turned open to where they are evenly spaced apart before pulling them up. Vertical blinds should be turned sideways evenly before being pulled to the side. If they are not opened properly, they will eventually break.


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