Gandhi And Pole Dance By A Joker

A joker wore dhoti kurta, an ancient dress, though more symbolic of Gandhi to the present generation, and gave a stupendous performance of pole dance

1. The boy was Indian.

An Indian is expected to have more respect for it’s leaders, though parody as a form of expression is not a very acceptable thing in India. However for parody you need to exaggerate the characteristics of a person/ event, actualidad-logistica whereas this person did not exaggerate any such fact. He merely vulgarized his performance and was not an art form by any means. Thumbs Down.

2. Uploading of Content on YouTube.

These counter border channels defy all means of restrictions imposed by governments. It is befitting in a sense that now it is up to the receiver to decide on the acceptability of the message and the government would have to stop playing a role in that. Thumbs Up. arianm

3. Outrage of Indian IB Minister against 2 Indian TV Channels

Indian Information and Broadcasting Minister showed his outrage against 2 Indian TV Channels who showed the video in their news. Thumbs Down. mandaltempotraveller

Indian Information and Broadcasting Minister showed his outrage against 2 Indian TV Channels who used the video to lace their news and up their viewer ratings. Certainly not desirable. And surely reporting through a sensationalism is more deplorable than even the actual act. Press needs to regain its humility while reporting and not act as a Justice Delivery Van. Thumbs Up.

4. Inability of Indian Government in challenging YouTube in a large way

Time for governments to delicence Communcation and the control thereof. Selling of costly rights to broadcasts have been reduced to a mere hoax by the onslaught of Web, and VOIP. Why do you need to control and artificially raise prices of things that are available at a pittance anyway through technology that is a child’s play now. Thumbs Up. shoplocalgta

5. How is Gandhi’s image affected?

As a leader of immense proportions he is not affected at all by such trivial matters. These small incidents however bring back his memories and it is good in that manner. They cannot indignify any person than the person who performed the act, since he has to carry the burden in front of his friends, family and colleagues through out his life. Thumbs Up. asia999

6. Who is Gandhi?

Gandhi, or more popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi is the indian leader who led the freedom movement on a very unusual non-confrontationist agenda and did not give Britishers a platform to fight back. He used his knowledge of law to the fullest extent and was a natural ally of Jawahar Lal Nehru, another lawyer. The Gandhian style of operation extended itself to Nelson Mandela and many others after him who used his style to lead their nations to independence. Thumbs Up. netnaijas

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