The Real Way to Make Your Penis Bigger! It’s Not What You Think!

In the search to find the best way to increase penis size I have found dozens of products promising they would help me get a bigger penis. Some, like enlargement chewing gum, border on the ridiculous. Others seem extremely dangerous, while still others are just too expensive to even consider. Knowing that the real way to make your penis bigger was out there, I tried most everything, except expensive surgery, all without gaining so much as a fraction of an inch! I know I spent well in excess of $1000 over a two year period, and still had the measly little 5 1/2 inch erection that I started with. Here are the methods I tried that failed miserably, along with the one method that finally worked to help me gain over 2 inches of length, and close to 2 inches of girth!

Enhancement Pills

Just like millions of other men, I could not resist the powerful commercials touting those magical pills to make me the man every woman wants! For month after month I shelled out my 50 some odd bucks for the next 30 day supply of magic. Obviously, I am a slow learner! You would think after a few months with nothing gained I would have gotten the message that these things will not produce growth. Nope, not me! I used them for over a year before I finally gave up. Please, do not fall into the same trap. There is no pill that will make you bigger, even though most guys think this is the answer to their shortcomings! real way to increase your size naturally

Penis Pumps and Other Gadgets

I moved on to penis extenders, pumps and stretching devices, and had the exact same results as with the pills. Thank goodness I only used them for a few months, because later research has shown that they can be quite dangerous. Poorly made contraptions can cause serious injury, and may cause deformity and impotence if delicate capillaries are damaged. Besides the danger, they are useless for providing any permanent growth!

Penile Enlargement Surgery

I briefly considered this risky surgery. After finding the cost to be in excess of $10,000, and no real history of positive results, this was ruled out rather quickly!

The Real Way To Make Your Penis Bigger!

Quite by accident, after I had given up all hope of finding a way to get a bigger penis, I ran across a small ad for a program of natural penile exercises. To be honest, I expected to toss them in the trash after a few days. For some reason, probably because they were easy to do, and they really did make my penis feel good, I kept doing them every day for a month. After that initial 30 days I decided to measure my erection and was pleasantly surprised to find I had actually grow about 1/2 inch! Hey! That’s not bad considering nothing else had worked at all! To make a long story short, I kept at it, and after about 6 months my erections measured over 7 1/2 inches long, and were close to 2 inches thicker than before I found the exercises. To me, that makes natural penile exercise the best way to get a bigger penis.


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