Ways to Get More People to Comment on Your Blog Posts

There are a lot of ways to measure success with a blog. You could measure readership, bounce rates, time on site, or conversions to your mailing list. But, one of my favorites has always been commenting.


If someone comments on a post I wrote, I know they are truly engaged and interested in learning more. But, actually convincing people to leave comments is hard. Statistics show that anywhere from 1 in 100 to 1 in 1,000 people will leave anything behind when they visit a site. travelingplace

Here are some tips to help boost those numbers and capitalize on all that readership.

* Ask for Comments – The easiest way to get more comments is simply to ask your, readers, to leave them. But, don’t just ask flat out for comments. Be creative. Ask for input, advice, or personal stories that relate to your posts.

This goes hand in hand with another tip – to personalize your posts. Even when teaching your readers about something in your niche, make it personal so that they will feel comfortable responding. fitnessbuilder

Think of it this way. Who would you be more likely to strike up a conversation with – a college professor lecturing you, or a guy in a bar who is describing what he does for a living?

* Respond to Existing Comments aimsinstitute – When you respond to comments that readers leave, other readers will expect the same. That expectation can then lead to increased commenting from people who might otherwise not say anything.

The promise of interaction is a major goal of every blog. You do this by responding to comments, going to outside websites and commenting on their blog posts, and being open-ended with your posts to drive interest.

* Reduce Obstacles – It’s tempting to try and take full control of your commenting interface, but the harder you make it, the less likely people are to comment. So, firstpost instead of requiring everyone to log in, fill out captcha forms, and sign over their firstborn, make it easy.

Make sure your spam filters are all on the backend. Users should just be able to post a comment and call it good. I like to approve the first post by any single user, but after that, let them at it.

* Linking to Other Blogs – An easy way to get more readers and engage them is to link to other blogs in your niche. This will draw attention to your content in multiple ways. First, that site owner will follow the trackback.

Second, if that blog owner allows trackbacks to appear in their comments, other readers may follow your content and comment on your post. Finally, businessinside it lends toward that aura of participation. If users see you participating with other blogs, they’ll chime in.

There are a few other strategies that I’ve seen floating around out there that will almost always work to generate interest – things like writing about politics or religion – but I usually recommend against it.

Unless you’re writing a blog that discusses these subjects, you can quickly anger your normal readers or alienate them if they think you have strong views that they disagree with. While controversy does drive comments, I recommend you steer clear unless it fits your site’s theme.

Engagement, interesting content, open-ended posts, and a genial tone that makes people want to talk to you will all be successful in generating the kind of repeat interest and comments you’re looking for. atotalnews


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